"It’s quite embarrassing actually. When I was about 12 years old I uploaded covers of me singing Justin Bieber songs… that eventually turned into music videos… I taught myself how to film, edit and promote myself on social media. (Thankfully my content evolved from Justin Bieber songs). I grew up spending every spare minute filming, editing and using social media. At age 17 I flew to Los Angeles to attend VidCon - the worlds largest youtube conference. I met so many incredible brands, and attended vip networking events some of the biggest influencers in the world. I left the event incredibly well connected and inspired to create the same collaborative, inspirational atmosphere in Belfast. So a few years later I launched the first ever OnlyJustMedia Summit. The event sold out a lot faster than anyone expected; we had 300 amazing brands, businesses and creators (bloggers/vloggers) in attendance. I brought over international social media practitioners to speak at the event and to inspire Belfast to do more, produce more content and to have confidence with social media! The event was a huge success and made me realise it was time to turn my life-long side hustle into a full time business. 

It is not just an annual event, OnlyJustMedia is a movement. I want to consistently inspire and educate brands, businesses and creators on how to market themselves for the now."

Lucy McMullan

CEO of OnlyJustMedia



We’re Making Headlines


How did we spend our weekend you ask? Well, it turns out that this weekend, we feel particularly educated and virtuous since we spent our Saturday deep-diving into all kinds of media inspiration at the OnlyJustMedia Summit at Belfast’s Odyssey. And what a way to spend a Saturday it was.

The Summit was at core. The sharing of ideas. 

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