The OnlyJustMedia Summit encompasses everything we stand for. The event brings international social media practitioners to Belfast to educate and inspire local brands, businesses 

and creators. 

Our most recent OnlyJustMedia Summit took place on the 29th February 2020. We were joined by 

10 international and national speakers, along with 400 attendees and 50+ brand partners.

We will also be running content rich workshops, masterclasses and demonstrations in  2020 to teach you how to truly take advantage of social media and 

market yourself or your business 'for the now.' These smaller, more intimate events will happen every 8 weeks...


“Visiting Northern Ireland from New York City, it became very clear to me that the current state of marketing in much of the UK and Ireland is stuck in the ice age. In time, the OnlyJustMedia Summit is undoubtably going to be looked at as one of the events that has made an incredible impact on the media and marketing industries in Northern Ireland. Last years event was extremely well put together and I honestly believe that it alone gave attendees enough value to fundamentally change their business and personal brands for the better.”

Calvin Hamilton
Social Media Analyst for Gary Vaynerchuk



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