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Our wide range of professional services will meet all of your needs. We are in the business of thinking out of the box and differently. Our premium services are designed to benefit each and every one of our clients in a personal manner. OnlyJustMedia is passionate about helping you find your creative voice. We champion brands, connect them with incredible social media influencers and create collaborations to bring them into the spotlight. We leverage your unique strengths to build strategic roadmaps, and deliver customers to your doorstep. We can do it all, and we can do it for you now.



You NEED this

Our social strategy sessions are incredibly popular. Let's meet for coffee...where we'll spend 90 minutes deep diving into your social media. We begin by working with you to define project goals that focus on reach, engagement, and conversion. We will then develop you a detailed social media strategy and custom content plan so you can crush the internet and growth hack your way to success. This is what we live for: merging creativity and technology in a way that brings your business more success than you ever thought was possible.


"In order to achieve extraordinary results, we must do unordinary things"

Lucy McMullan

CEO of OnlyJustMedia


Ricky Long
Fitness Business Coach | Les Mills Instructor

Lucy blows me away. What Lucy does is create opportunity for like minded people to get together and improve each others businesses. OJM creates growth for all types of brands and influence. It is clear that OJM is dedicated in helping their clients by the quality of events put on and content created. OJM have helped me streamline my own personal brand social media content by delivering strategy sessions which help my business create more impacts. There is know doubt in my head OJM will become a house hold name within the next few years.